Ya afraid to get wet?

bitshifter ao posted Feb 17, 19

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.  -- Andy Warhol

Greetings Eternians,

It’s been a long while since there's been anything truly noteworthy to report, but I’ve come to you today with good news. We’re finally ready to move to the 1.13 Aquatic Update, and with this update the EoE will once again be united onto a single new map. The new world is called Vela, the Latin name for a ship’s sails as well as the name of a constellation in the southern sky. Our server is already well into year number seven of operation, and with this update it could be one of most creative world building ones we’ve seen in a while.

With this update the server has been rebuilt from the ground up, mainly for the purpose of cleaning out the remnants of old plugins and settings that haven’t been in use for years. To some extent this will also mean a soft reset for everyone. We will stick with tradition and allow builds to be copied over into the new world. The overworld maps for Morlea and Alexandria will be imported into the new server to facilitate this. Towny information will also be transferred over. The Nether and End worlds will not be imported unless someone has a build from those maps to be moved. The build move application will be posted soon, but there will be some limitations on what can be moved. One small build (approximately 200K blocks in max volume including air blocks) can be requested from both the Molrea and Alexandria worlds. The builds have to be a continuous structure and above ground to be eligible. Copying structures causes memory spikes, server lag, and often results in a server crash. This is why we’re asking for reasonable requests. Players requesting moves of large structure requiring multiple sectional cuts will be limited to just one move request.

Additionally, there are some things that will be reset:
1. Current MCMMO levels
2. Autorank times in game and rank titles
3. Personal inventories (empty everything including enderchests into regular chests)
4. Eon balances (buy hard currency and store in chests)

There are a few plugin changes that you need to be aware once the old map are imported into the new server:

1. The biggest change is the older Lockette and LockettePro currently do not have active developers. As a result we are switching to Modern LWC, which is a continuation of the original LWC locking plugin. This one is a little harder to use than the Lockette variants; however, there is no annoying player name length limit and locks can be used on skulker boxes. Once the old worlds are imported, you’ll want to immediately lock down all of your previously sign locked chests.
See the following guild to learn the basics.

2. ChestShops has been replaced with GChestShops. Here again it was a case of former one falling out of support and needing a substitute. Anyone with mall shops or ones in your own towns will need to recreate them using the following format:
1st Line: [Shop]
2nd Line: Item-Amount for Buy & Sell
3rd Line: Item-Price for Buy : Sell
4th Line:
a. Leave empty to auto select first item from the attached chest
b. Specify Item-ID or Item-Name or Item-Tag

See the project pages for more information:

3. The Signs plugin has been replaced with ColoredSigns. The new plugin simpler to use and doesn’t have a potentially exploitable edit function.
See the project pages for more information:

4. The Stables plugin for horse management hasn’t been supported for a few updates now, and few on our server ever made use of it. If there is heavy interest in horses, we may try to find a good substitute later on.

As a sort of social experiment with all of you as a potential guinea pigs, a small section of the Vela map along the north border wall will be designated the Unfriendly Zone. This area will allow PVP combat and item theft if you so choose to play that way. The twist here is you won’t be able to leave upon entering by any means other than death, creating a mix of gladiator arena, self-imposed prison, with a dash of Escape from New York. The zone is outlined in red beacons to hopefully avoid accidental trespass, so only enter at your own risk.

On Friday, Feb. 22nd, the old server will be swapped out for the new one.

That’s all for now, thank you all for your patients. The rest of the staff and I are looking forward to this community’s next chapter.