Tekkit has always been considered the greatest SMP modpack but it is also infamous for being very intimidating for a new player to get started. Because Edge-Tek uses most of the same mods as tekkit. A veteran tekkit player will be able to jump into Edge-Tek with no problem; but a player with no experience will be dazzled by all the complex machines and recepies. So I took it upon myself to make this guide to help those who don't know where to start with all the new features. Industrial Craft is perfect to start out on.

*A forewarning is all recipies can be found in-game with our NEI recipie book mod
*Also our spawn has several machines you can use including a macerator, extractor, compressor, electrolyser, furnace, and charging station. Feel free to use.


     A great place to start is Industrial Craft 2 mod. Its machines will help you gather more resources and it also provides a good understanding on how machines work in general both in this mod and most others (as a lot of mods took inspiration from IC one way or another). Once you leave our floating island spawn and are on land; you should notice that at first glance much is the same as in vanilla Minecraft (minus the new trees). And as far as basic survival goes it is much the same; build a shelter and gather supplies to go mining as normal. Before you go mining you should take the time to set up a rubber tree farm. Normally you would have to search far and wide to find them but luckily we took the liberty of planting some at the spawn teleporter ground level. Look for a dark tree with orange spots on the trunk; that is a rubber tree. Chop one down and get some saplings (replant or you're dead to me) and plant some around your own base. Then either craft a treetap(this gives you more) or just chop down the trees to get sticky resign. Then smelt it in a furnace to get rubber. Rubber is crucial once you start making machines. Now we get to mining. Once you go mining you will notice lots of new ores like copper and tin. Don't be fooled by their abundance grab all the copper, iron, tin, coal, and redstone you can hold. And before I continue I cannot stress enough to new players only smelt the BARE MINIMUM of ores and NEVER use COAL, use charcoal instead.

     Now that you have plenty of redstone, iron, tin, copper, and rubber; you can now build your first machines. First you will want to craft a generator. With the generator you can now power all (for now) your other machines. It is optional but highly recommended to craft a Batbox to store up to 40k EU(The units of power in IC2). Remember that rubber you smelted earlier? With copper you can craft copper cables to transport power from your generator/batbox to your machines. So now that you have power and cables you now should craft a Macerator; this wonderful machine will DOUBLE your ingot production. To use the macerator you just put your ore into the machine and it will grind one ore block into two ore powder. You can then smelt that powder into ingots. Another nifty machine to have is the Extractor; it triples your rubber production by producing three rubber per one sticky resign plus it allows you to get one rubber from a rubber tree log.

     Thermal Expansion
     Thermal Expansion started out as an addon for Buildcraft that has since evolved into its own little mod. Although it is not as expansive as IC2 it sure is jam packed with cool features. If for any reason you would not like to use IC to start out in edgetek thermal expansion offers a great alternative. Its Machines do in fact cost more than that of Industrial Craft but they offer some pros and cons.  
     Some pros include that they are smarter and will adjust their speed based on how much power they are receiving (if they are running low on power they will slow down to save energy), they have internal power storage that cam keep the machines running for a short time without external power, they use less proportional power than most IC machines, and they come with configurable I/O (input output) faces (This means you can program your machine to send its stuff to the machine, pipe, or chest next to it when it is done smelting/pulverizing/sawing. The main con is that even on max speed they are still slower then upgraded IC machines. So overall they are more expensive than default IC machines but cheaper/less effective than upgraded IC machines.
     So lets say you've decided to use thermal expansion's machines how do I start playing? Well like any Minecraft world you need to establish a base and get mining resources. Some specific materials you should look out for is gold, redstone, iron, and copper but as always just grab anything and everything you can find.

     From here on you can go in any direction you want. Whether that means continuing constructing stuff with IC2 or experimenting with other mods; I will leave it up to you to decide what you want to do.