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1.8 and the plans forward

By uzumi a - Posted Jul 10, 14
Since so many of you have the memory of a goldfish and have been freaking out over the following post, Every thing is up for discussion, I will mark the things in red that will/can be voted on

Good evening everybody, its been a little while since i posted a new post so this might be a bit rusty, First off i know i haven't been as active as i promised, ive just had alot to do, if its not with eternity-hosting its other stuff, However i am always there when you need me.

But i am sure  many of you might have noticed that 1.8 is close to release and that we have been very silent with information regarding this patch, However that does not mean the plans aren't real.

The spawn will be remade with its current buildings, We feel that the spawn looks amazing as is so were bringing it with us, just going to tweak the building locations a bit.

We are also adding worldborder which will generate the land in a 2000x2000 (may change) for the first weeks or so, This is to prevent those who travel half a million blocks away only to complain that he never see people.

We are also bringing in a login system that will prevent unauthorised use of your minecraft account, so each time you log into the server you need to enter a password only you know, this way we get less "sorry my brother did it"

We are still considering if we should wipe the economy and mcmmo at 1.8 as well

But the biggest change, We will no longer bring over player buildings, I know this will make many of you upset and the rest of you go "meh" but the player moves just took too much work, MrDatsun didn't do anything else but player moves for months after a reset.

So this time you can bring over 1 chest (1 single chest, not a double) which will be located in spawn somewhere.

We are excited about this reset and we hope that you are too.
Any feedback can be posted HERE
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