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By MrDatsun a - Posted Jul 14, 14
I've read lately that quite a few players of ours are abondoning the server to go to one their making due to some ways uzumi and I act. I'm going to explain some stuff now.

This server wipe in most of your eyes is a really bad idea. I understand that completely. You've worked hard, spent many hours, and poof; your stuff is gone. The reason we felt the need to do it is because everytime an update comes out (which tend to be atleast half a year) we have to make a new map and move builds over. This causes major inactivity, lots of people quit, and the map has world edit marks. Our solution to prevent this from occuring was to start afresh with a new map and limit how far people can travel, allowing us to just casually move the spawn over next big change. As you all know, this plan made everyone furious and worried. We did not realize how big of a backlash this would have, and due to it we realize we're better of continuing the old way of build transfers. I'm confident with a team of staff the transfers will happen smoothly and quickly. But now on the topic of staff...

I know the staff have been given the reigns lately and have had to do most of the work on the server. To put bluntly uzumi and I are burnt on minecraft; we spent over 2 years managing the server, which killed gameplay. We just don't have the time nor patience anymore to get ingame and hang out. We spend hours a day supporting many minecraft servers with our business and it's no longer a hobby for us. We depended on the staff a lot, and although they didn't feel appreciated they were.

The problem is now it's become apparent that many of the staff and current players are jumping ship. I feel backstab seeing that they have been using their powers on EoE to spread word of their own server as well as take aspects of our server for their own, using the powers we granted them because we trusted them. It's heart breaking to see people you nominated for staff go around and turn people to another server. Uzumi and I are sorry that we couldn't be the host's you wished for.

With that said we have no idea how many staff will remain here. Uzumi and I are not able to run this server alone (Please do not forget that this server does not make any money. Every month this server costs us a ton of money but we keep it up for the community). We can afford the upkeep but as for managing ingame we cannot do it alone. We don't even know how many people plan on remaing on EoE at all after this update.

I guess what I'm asking is if you guys and gals are actually interested in keeping EoE afloat. Although Uzumi and I would love to keep EoE up and running there would be no point with a 0 player base.
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