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1.8 Community News and Server Changes

By uzumi a - Posted Jul 30, 14

Hello every one!

As some of you have noticed there has been a bit of drama on the server the past weeks by some of the players and a few staff members, They decided to leave us and create their own server, 2 of our staff members also left, Laser and Cofstein, Lets wish them good luck with their server.

This did reduce the staff number however the staff now consists of the following players










So expect to see these people daily if not very often, you might also notice that Zakashria is back on the roster, Please all welcome him back!

We also combined Mod and Rep (For those who do not know what those roles were then Mod was in charge of everything ingame while Rep was in charge of the community and website)

With this change they all got elevated rights, as some of the complaints we got from the staff was that they did not have the power to complete their duties, They do now.

If you have been active on our server and website lately you might have noticed that we suggested a few changes a while back and these changes have now been confirmed by polls located right here on the forum.

First change is WorldBoarder, This is one of the most important steps we are taking to prevent future wipes, This will basically limit the size of our map and reduce lag,

The map will start at 10,000 x 10,000 blocks (thats ten thousand) We will keep this size for roughly 3-4 weeks before we evaluate if we have to increase the size or not.

The second item up for vote was to address whether or not player builds and chests should be transferred to the new map.  The majority voted in favor of both builds and chests being moved.  Once we are a little closer to being ready for 1.8, an announcement will be made and the move application form will be opened up. Bitshifter will be focal for that effort and will be handling questions.

We are also wanting to bring teleportation back into the game somehow, We arent quite sure how yet but we are brainstorming, It will most likely be reintroduced with some form of cooldown.

We have also changed the theme on our website to a more neutral plain look, We hope you enjoy this.

Tutorial have been moved to a separate world for more options when it comes to map updated and similar, It also won't take up a huge chunk of our map.

We have also introduced new player ranks that will show how active the player is, To get ranked up simply play the game, We might add some different tags in the future.

Here you need to be the rank of rookie for 5 hours before ranking up to novice etc

rookie: Novice after 5h

Novice: default after 15h

default: Senior after 50h

Senior: Master after 5d

Master: Veteran after 10d

Veteran: Legend after 20d

Legend: Eternal after 50d


We have also added a little poll to get an idea of what you want us to focus on in the coming future located HERE

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