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Feel free to start submitting build move requests [link]
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Greetings everyone,

This is your build move liaison, Bitshifter, here to help you all prepare for the end of the world. As we each assume the crash position for the tentative gold release of Minecraft 1.8 on September 2nd and EoE map reset sometime afterward, please take some time to read over what I hope will be a helpful guide to those who would like their creations to be carried over into our new world map.

Move Discussion

Towny Reimbursement Thread

The link to the build move application will be posted a little closer to the time when Uzumi and MrDatsun are ready to move the server forward. The exact date is unknown as it depends on Bukkit and all the plug-ins we depend on being supported under 1.8 as well. Keep checking here from time-to-time for updates.

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