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EoE is having another creative contest to celebrate 3 years on-line.  The theme this time around will be Moments in Minecraft.  The winner will be the one who can best express an aspect of the game to which almost any player can relate, meaning an accomplishment, frustration, an epic fail, or a first time encounter with anything from MC's update history.  It should be something that hits the audience right in the feels.  The contest will be held on the revamped contest map, which you can reach through the blue lapis port off of spawn.  The plot size will be 51x51 with the default height limit.  The start time will be Friday the 26th at 19:00 Central time (0:00 Saturday GMT) and will end at the same time 2 weeks later.

1st - 30,000 Eons
2nd - 15,000 Eons
3rd - 7,500 Eons

Leave comment under this post to reserve your plot.  The 32 available plots are marked with a letter and number designation as well as highlighted with a dyed wool or ore block type.  Go to the second floor of the contest map spawn for a full listing.

Bonus: If more than 10 players complete an entry, the prizes will double and will triple for more than 20 completed entries.

Good luck.

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