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Waking from Our Deep Slumber

By bitshifter a - Posted Dec 14, 14

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. – Francis Bacon

Eternians. It's been quiet on the server as of late. No EoE news. Few players online. But off in the deathly cold of a Norwegian night, a most peculiar animal has been stirred into action.

After the MC community had largely written it off for dead, the Spigot dev team marked the end of November with a new release of CraftBukkit for 1.8 servers. News link

So it's finally happening, ladies and gentlemen. We are moving to 1.8. At the time of this post, EoE is closed for maintenance, except for staff. Our Dead Leader, Uzumi has migrated the server to the
current CraftBukkit snapshot, and the work has begun for the server's reopening.

Please stay tuned to the EoE forums throughout the next few days for progress updates.

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