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1.8 Launch, Changes and the future

By uzumi a - Posted Dec 15, 14
Server status - Online

As many of you now know EoE has not been very active lately, This is mostly due to 1.8 being announced and craftbukkit experiencing many legal issues. But as of november 28th deep within the spigot website a angel appeared in the form of a news post bearing news of craftbukkit and spigot finally updated to 1.8.

Many things change for EoE in 1.8 most of you already know most of it and those of you who don't know will find out by reading this text.

Spawn has been moved into a separate world, This will allow us to change spawn in the future without wasting space in the main world. The spawn will now consist of the following

Spawn area, Church containing world portals, Post office, Mall, Spawn farm and a spawn city, Many of you know this as Eternia, It is not required to build there nor does it give you any benefits, its merely a place for you to show off your master designs and hang out with others.

Tutorial has also been moved to a seperate world to save space in the main world and allow us to easily change it out in the future.

Main world is now called "Morlea" this is because I am horrible with coming up with world names, This world has a world border of 5000 in each direction, resulting in 10 000 x 10 000 blocks. This is probably the biggest change we bring forth in this update, as this will 100% eliminate the need to wipe the map. Once we feel that we need more space we simply expand the border and with each update we expand it even more.

No more map wipes! its painful to see all that hard work go to waste and its alot of work for the staff to bring buildings over, It also kills the server each time mojang announces a new update.

So in a few weeks we will open up a transfer form to allow buildings to be moved from The Edge to Morlea (The Edge is the old 1.7 map)

Towns will be wiped and towny will not be part of this server right away for stability reasons, It will be brought in at a later time. If you owned a town or a nation in 1.7 The Edge, please contact ZB as she will give you the money back.

Move form - Any one can submit one move form to move their own building over to the new map, This does not include underground structures unless its a square building. Do note redstone will not work and stairs will not be transfered properly, trapped chests and items frames will also not transfer so get all your stuff in a regular chest or double chest before the move

Things we know does not work!

Lockette the plugin we use to lock chests, When we converted over to 1.8 all your lockette signs broke, You will need to put them back on your chests to fix them, it should say "[private]" not "private" 

Armor stands are not logged by our anti grief, if you use one please note that any theft upon them will not be monitored by us, you have been warned

Crops can be trampled by mobs and players so thread lightly
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