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By uzumi a - Posted Mar 1, 15

It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper. -Jerry Seinfeld.

Greetings Eternians,


There is a lot of stuff to pass along this time, so I've broken it down into more easily digestible chunks.


Where in the world is....?


If you've haven't been on the server over the past few months, please note that the EoE server has changed IP's and geographies. Instead of Germany, the server now lives at a hosting service in Chicago. There may still be some occasional lag issues remaining while our admins work out the lingering problems of switching servers. The USA players, which is a fair number of you, will likely find this a welcome change unless of course your ISP is so terrible that it wouldn't make a difference if the server was in Mumbai or on the moon.

Alms for the poor?


Since the Eternity Hostings business has closed, the server is back to needing its own funding to keep running. Currently, MrDatsun is paying for the hosting himself. Yes, Datsun is still around and quietly maintaining the server sight unseen. However, he doesn't need to flip the bill all by himself, and the EoE community can help ensure the server continued longevity through its donations. There are two ways you can donate, and the buttons can be found on the lower right side of the site. The first button is for adding days to the website. These funds pay for the community website features on beyond the free core features. The second button goes into the slush fund to pay for the hosting service where the server lives. To help give everyone an incentive to donate, there will be in-game perks such as second homes and the tpa command turned on for everyone if the group reaches set goals for each month.

I'm going off the rails on a crazy train


As a continuation of the previous news post, the train system will be default method of long distance transit, but understanding how to use it requires a little explanation The central station near the spawn point in Morlea has 16 selectable destinations which you can find at the switch bank on the ground floor at the back of the station. The tracks 1-4 attach to the overhead Skyrails going north, south, east, and west. The tracks 5-15 are currently free for any players to use to attach to their towns. Please only claim a track if you have an established town. No one wants to ride 5 minutes to see your dirt hut. The connection points to begin laying your rails are at the red wool gates just west of the station. There are “out” and “in” gates for each numbered track. The “out” gates are connected to switch board in the station. The “in” gates are connected to numbered exit areas as you are walking through the station. When you claim a track, please update all the associated signage so it's clear to other players. You are also free to decorate the exit areas for your selected tracks. For those who live farther from spawn and want to branch off of Skyrail tracks, there will be a hub station at each of the world boarder limits. Each hub station will have another set of 16 tracks for players to claim.  If the map needs to grow in the future, more Skyrail and hub stations will be added further out.

Creative contest results


The last contest had a very lackluster turn out with only two completed entries. While both were pretty mind-blowing, it was Lightningwolf24 who has taken a second win in row with _And_Beyond taking second. This is going to be the last creative contest for while until there is enough community outcry to do another.

We built this city on rock and roll


Eternia has made its reappearance south of the spawn point in Spawn world after being absent from the last map. For those who weren't around at that time, it was the spawn town for one of our older worlds and had all the world portals and shops. Now it will simply be a city where you can freely claim a plot and build a showcase house. Since the player inventories are linked between Morlea and Spawn world, you can make your Eternia home your first home or a home away from home.

With all the amenities


For new and returning players, here is a brief overview of community features for you to use.


- The hotel is located near the spawn point in Morlea. Any new player needing a first home is welcome to claim any unused room. If the hotel runs out of open rooms, let the staff know, and we'll start kicking out the absentee tenants.


- The mall is located to the east of the spawn point in the Spawn world. Rooms are available to purchase to set up your own shops. The shops blocked with white wool are already owned by old players who need to reclaim them and re-lock their chests.


- The post office is located west of the spawn point in the Spawn world. Boxes are free for anyone to claim. If we run out, the EoE Postmaster General, a position I just made-up, will build some more.


- The dynamap is operating again. Some features and maps have been removed to simplify the interface and reduce server load.

- The minigames area is planned to make a return with spleef, deathmatch, and team deathmatch.

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