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By Zakashria a - Posted Jun 16, 15

I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity. - John D, Rockefeller 

Dear Eternians, 

As many of you are already aware, server was down recently for emergency maintenance. While attempting to transfer the server from Windows to Linux, two things happened. 

1) Several of the loaded maps were loaded in RAM and not saved to file and thus several worlds, such as spawn, creative, the contest world, and many location in the main world were written over and reset to the original map. 

2) While trying to salvage the main world with an older backup from May 1st, some of the map files that were originally fine were rolled back by a month. 

As a result, many aspects of the main map including player builds were randomly rolled back or reset entirely. Some player's builds from last week are completely fine while other players are missing half or even all of their creations. We, the staff of EoE, sincerely apologize for this accident and will take steps to prevent it in the future. We are also investigating ways for players to repair the damage in the fastest and easiest way possible including build transfers from a new creative world.  

The server is currently up and running (minus spawn, creative, and contest). We welcome all players to log on and assess the damage done during the transfer. All cards are currently on the table as how to recover from this. Several staff have also theorized that another reset might be a good idea depending on how many players were affected. I will be opening a poll that will last for the next two weeks so players can vote on an discuss whether of not we should reset the map. 


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