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Greetings Eternians,

It's been a few months since the big map file corruption event that could have ended the server, so it's probably a good time for a news update. Things have been running problem free for some time, and the initial performance issue that was present immediately after the OS migration was fixed and hasn't resurfaced. A few months of player progress was lost that couldn't be restored, but most folks have made up for the lost time since then. The spawn world had to be rebuilt from scratch with a few pieces that had fortunately been saved prior. The shops in the mall were lost, but the mall building was restored. The folks that owned shops still own the same spot, but the contents could not be recovered. The Skyrail had to partially rebuilt to make it functional again. The solar activated lights have been replaced with static lights to eliminate the lighting glitches and random mob attacks while traveling.

Folks that lost McMMO levels from the May plugin update did eventually get their levels back. The exceptions were those who hadn't logged on in a very long time. However, it is still possible to fix them as well once they log in an notify a staff member.

New members have a new tutorial area to walk through. This one is located in the spawn world rather than existing as a completely separate world.

A new creative map with natural biomes was added for those that don't want to play survival and also don't like creative building on a flat map.

The minigames plugin has been added to the server again. Only one team deathmatch game is currently active, but more are in the planning process.

Hoppers have been added to the list of blocks that can be locked with lockette. This allows for entire sorting machines to be secured. Hoppers will still not drain locked chest unless permissions on both devices match. See the mailboxes in the post office for a working example.

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