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By bitshifter a - Posted Apr 17, 16

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.  -- Albert Einstein

Greetings everyone,

It's been a long time since the last news update. How have you been? Let's get caught up.

Minecraft released 1.9 a while back, but we haven't moved to it yet.  Currently, it's a waiting game for some of the key plug-ins we use to get updates released.  Many of them have, but some are only in development status.  We're probably going to stick with the CraftBukkit API for one last go-round and switch Spigot sometime later in the year after a lot of careful testing.  There is no plan for map resets with this update.  The one reset exception will be The End so we can enjoy the new stuff that 1.9 adds.

We have a total of four minigames at this point: a team deathmatch, a free-for-all deathmatch, a capture the flag, and a spleef.  Adding another team deathmatch from one of the old maps is planned.  A Hunger Games styled deathmatch island is also being discussed.  Anyone is welcome to head to the creative map to help flesh-out ideas for new ones.  There are some game modes of the Minigames plug-in yet to be explored.

A few months back the EoE opened up applications for a new staff member.  From the ones submitted, Cloud_Strife86 was selected to join our ranks as Moderator.  I would like to say such a post is one of high honors, but anyone who has been a staff member on any server knows better. ;) If you happen to see him online please be sure to him a hearty congratulations or condolences or both.  The position of Representative is still open and will stay open pending someone who has a really good recruiting strategy and time to implement it.  No one has occupied that position in a number of years.  If anyone has experience in graphical design that they are willing to donate, this would be helpful as well.

After not having one for a full year, the community finally got the impetus to hold another creative contest.  The theme this time around was "underwater". Eight contestants tried to make a go at it with the following three rising to the top with some mind-blowing creations:

1st - Zakashria (How convenient since it was his idea.)
2nd - AlTheSpaz
3rd - TE_Gamer

Will there be another contest in May, or Zaka will be demoted from staff?  Stay turned-in for this exciting answer. :)

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