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Houston, we have a problem.

By bitshifter a - Posted May 2, 16

The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.  -- Morgan Freeman

Greetings Eternians,

About once a year, the EoE community seems to face a major crisis, and that time has come again. Last week MrDatsun, our behind-the-scenes admin who has been graciously funding the dedicated host for this server over the years, informed us the continued rental cost has become untenable. This means we either find a new host soon or shut down for good.

For the short term, we're going to set up in a cloud-based virtual machine that I have free for the next 400 days. We'll be more constrained with disk and memory than before, and the datacenter is located in the UK for the time being. This could create some lag for many of us in the US, but remember this server still worked fine when it lived in France and Germany. With this move the Spigot 1.9 update plan has been greatly accelerated, but the early testing Zakashria and I have done looks very good for play-ability over the ocean. In the next week or two, I plan to take one last backup of the current server before finalizing the move. I'll update our community pages with new IP information when the time comes.

In the long term, our goal is to find a new dedicated host and fund it as a group. Among the staff the OVH company in the UK seems a likely first choice. Unlike a Minecraft hosting service, this is just hardware with none of the overhead of game support. This is essentially what we're doing with MrDatsun's host, and it gives us the ability to put all the cost toward better server specs. The likely datacenter we would use is their Montreal location.

We're not done yet. Stay tuned for further updates.

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