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By bitshifter a - Posted Jun 5, 16

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  -- Confucius

Greetings Eternians,

The Edge of Eternity has officially updated to 1.9.2 1.9.4. Since the server has also moved, please update your clients with the new IP information listed on the forum page. As mentioned in the previous news, we're going to be a UK server for a while. Based on what folks have said thus far, the lag change should be negligible for anyone on the west side of the big pond. We might change locations back to the US later in the year, but there is no set schedule for that at this time.

There have been no map changes minus two small exceptions. The End map has been reset, so the new content there will be available once the dragon is killed. The creative map with natural biomes has been removed. It was a fun idea that never really took off. At some point down the road, the creative map might get a reset to make something that is part natural and part flatland, but nothing is decided for certain yet. The Morlea survival map will remain the same size until we can get to a server with a larger allotment of disk space.

That is all the major stuff for now. Keep an eye open for a new creative contest announcement.

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