• No griefing
  • Respect other players
  • Respect all Admins/Mods/Reps
  • No spamming the chat
  • No references to drug culture. Please lets keep it PG.
  • Respect the buildings of others
  • No advertising other servers
  • Do not steal
  • Opening PayPal disputes won't help as you paid as a DONATION ( Towards a cause, free service, person. ) PayPal closes disputes on the spot as they know your payment was filed under this server.
  • Falsely claiming to be part of staff, and/or impersonating a staff member will result in a ban.
  • Pixel Art: Nothing too crazy. We would like to keep our survival world as clean as possible.
  • Do not ask to be added to the staff, we will post applications on the website when needed.
  • No Iron Golem farms.
  • No cheating of any kind. If you ever have to ask yourself "Is this okay to do?" the answer is always no.

  • Kick (Spam Warning, Swearing Warning, Promoting Other Servers Warning)
  • Mute (Swearing)
  • Ban (2nd Spam Warning, 3rd Swearing Warning, Griefing)
Note: Swearing means excessive swearing or swearing directed at another member. Raging at creepers is fine, but not excessively. If another person tells you to stop, stop, or you will be warned, muted, and kicked.

Forum Rules:

Only one account:
You're only allowed to have one account per IP.

Illegal Materials:
The uploading of any illegal material to this site is forbidden. Posting is a form of uploading. Linking to pages that provide illegal material from this site is also forbidden. The list of illegal materials includes, but is not limited to, pornography, psychoactive drugs, bootleg software, software designed to circumvent legal restrictions, and any material that such a program would produce.

Private Messages:
Any message that is intended to be visible to only the sender and recipient is considered private. If you feel that a private message sent to you is offensive in any manner, report it to a member of the staff. Private messages will not be moderated unless reported. When you report a private message, include details: quoted text, screenshots, or forwarded messages.

You are only allowed to use English in any publicly visible context of this site.

Discriminatory messages:
Even though race and other personal details can be masked in this environment, do not post racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory messages.

Sexual Content:
This isn't that type of site. Don't talk about sexually orientated or any other obscene subject.

Deliberately hostile or insulting messages are not allowed. Messages meant to generate an inflammatory response from another user will be considered trolling.

Uploading irrelevant or meaningless material is not allowed.

Offering or soliciting items for sale or in trade is not permitted.

You are only allowed to bump a thread every 48 hours. If you post more then two posts in a row you may be infracted. Use the edit button instead.

Do not make two or more posts or threads about the same subject unless the old thread has gone cold.

Do not revive a thread (post in a thread) that's over a week old unless you're the original poster.

Player specific threads:
Do not post a thread to be directly posted to one player, this is what private messages and walls are for.

Off topic:
If you are going to reply to a thread make sure it's in response to the original post, and not someone else's post.


1. Content: Signatures are great, but keep them EoE related. We don't care if you like ponies or want us to vote for your website.

2. Size: Don't make a signature that takes more then 6 rows of standard text, roughly the area of signatures to the end of this sentence. This is to reduce the amount of text people have to read through.

Any member who does not follow said rules will be forcefully removed from the site.

*These rules are subject to change without any warning or notice.